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Is it Time to Have Your Septic Tank Drained?

Septic tank draining Anderson, AC

If you’re considering having your septic tank drained, you may have already noticed that something’s not right. Several occurrences might indicate it’s time, while others might be misleading, but what are the exact telltale signs?

We, as Clean Flo Sewer and Septic, have outlined the most relevant signs that indicate you should schedule a septic tank pumping in Anderson, SC.


Probably the strongest indicator that you need to drain your septic tank is that you’ll notice a pungent smell coming from it. This happens when the septic tank is almost full or already full. Occasionally, the smell might be so strong that your neighbors can smell it. At this point, you should source for septic tank cleaning services.

Slow Drains

When using plumbing fixtures such as the sink or toilet, you might notice the waste water draining slower than usual. This could mean that your drain is clogged or that your septic tank is full and needs to be emptied. In any case, you shouldn’t ignore a slow drain. Instead, contact a septic tank maintenance company near you.

Pooling Water

Water pooling or spilling where your septic tank sits is a sure sign that it’s exceeded capacity. In some instances, this could simply be rainwater, but the best way to distinguish it is the scent. If the stagnant water produces an unpleasant odor, chances are it’s from your septic tank. If this is the case, contact the nearest septic tank repair company immediately.

Drained Sewage Backing Up

Raw sewage backing up through your shower or bathroom drains is a serious problem and requires urgent intervention from a professional. A sewage backup isn’t just harmful to you but your house as well. So, if you do notice this sign, schedule septic tank services ASAP and have your tank drained.

The frequency at which you pump out your septic tank depends on its size and that of your household; for some houses, it’s annually, but for others, it could take up to 5 years. It’s advisable to contact a professional every 3–5 years to inspect and maintain your septic system. As Clean Flo Sewer and Septic, we offer all these services and more, including septic tank installation. If you notice any of the outlined signs, schedule a service by getting in touch with us ASAP!