Top Trenchless Contractor in Walhalla, SC

When your home or business needs drain or sewer services, count on us at Clean Flo Sewer and Septic. For the past 20 years, our crew has provided reliable and cost-effective drain cleaning and sewer repair and replacement services in the local area. As the go-to trenchless contractor in Walhalla, SC, we have built a solid reputation for prompt, professional, and courteous customer service and results that last.

A Host of Trenchless Solutions and More

We make sure to provide all of the drain and trenchless services your business or home will ever need. Our company invests in the latest trenchless technology so that you can have a properly functioning drain and sewer system.

  • Trenchless Pipe Lining
    Constant use creates wear and tear on pipes. Misuse of the drains also leads to sewer pipe trouble. From cracks and gaps to offsets and corrosion, we address pipe problems with trenchless pipe lining techniques. The pipe liner creates a new pipe within the old, damaged host pipe. Trenchless pipe lining stops leaks and prevents new ones.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair
    Nobody wants to deal with a sewer repair, but we make the process as smooth as possible. Our trenchless services minimize disruption to your property and daily schedule. We use high-tech robots and complete nearly all repairs in one day.
  • Drain Cleaning
    Our crew cleans the debris out of any drain in your home or facility. We use drain snaking to cut up thick clogs, then we flush the debris from your sewer to the municipal sewer pipe. Our drain cleaning eliminates foul odors, slow emptying, and wastewater backups.
  • Hydro Jetting
    Hydro jetting uses a strong stream of highly pressurized water to clear tree roots, foreign objects, paper or food clogs, grease, and limescale from your drain and sewer pipe. It works on all pipe materials and most sizes of pipes.
  • Sewer Video Inspection
    Before we perform a pipe restoration service, we will conduct a sewer video inspection. This process identifies the type of problem and its location. We use this information to choose the most effective repair option. Our team also recommends these inspections before you buy or sell a home or facility.
  • Sewer Line Repair
    Our team repairs all sizes and materials of commercial and residential sewer lines. No matter what went wrong with your sewer pipe, we have the skills and high-quality materials, and equipment to resolve the problem.
  • Sewer Line Replacement
    If your sewer pipe has a large offset, extensive corrosion, or collapsed segment, we will replace it. Our sewer replacement services quickly restore wastewater service and prevent contamination of your property.

What Sets Clean Flo Sewer and Septic Apart

Our team at Clean Flo Sewer and Septic consistently provides high-quality sewer and drain services. When you hire us, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Upfront prices
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Prompt completion of repairs
  • Easy scheduling
  • Courteous and professional customer care

Let the Leading Experts in Trenchless Services Meet Your Needs

Make Clean Flo Sewer and Septic your trusted pipe lining company in Walhalla, SC, and benefit from minimally invasive services and more we also provide top-notch septic tank pumping. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule your appointment with our team. We look forward to hearing from you.